Rasia’s investments strategy is to achieve long term capital appreciation with an emphasis on distressed and special situations.

Rasia’s policy is to achieve this objective by primarily investing in publicly traded securities across various asset classes and geographies with a heavy focus on natural resources and related infrastructure in emerging markets.

Rasia primarily invests using a private equity approach to public investing in liquid and semi-liquid instruments in distressed and special situations. Rasia also selectively invests in private companies where a near-term liquidity event exists or can be created.

Rasia engages almost exclusively in off-market, privately negotiated, bilateral investment strategies involving a short- and medium-term horizon focusing on equity, debt, royalty, and convertible debt instruments and will seek to avoid, wherever possible, making open market investments or disposals.

Rasia also invests tactically in commodities and currencies only where it serves to enhance its portfolio returns and mitigate risk. From time to time, Rasia may also employ other investment strategies and invest in other instruments as seen fit by the investment manager, Rasia Group, and in accordance with the investment policies and objective of Rasia.